House Parties: Saving Money And Having Fun!

Your house should be a safe adobe for you and your family. If you dread coming home that is going to be a huge burden in your life. So make sure you have a “home sweet home” to come back to wherever you go. Everyone has thrown a party at a point in their lives. From the day you turned one, you had birthday parties. Maybe there was a big celebration at your sweet sixteen or even when you were chosen to college. Graduation parties are quite common and so are office parties. Whichever it is-apart from office parties where the cost will be borne by the company-you have to pay for the venue. This cost can be saved if you plan to have the party at home. But how feasible is it?

Space, food and more

Having a party at home can be a reality if you own a considerable space. This will of course depend upon how many people you are planning to invite. However, assuming you do have the space, then you will have to consider sourcing food, decorations and extra furniture if necessary. Do you have a big enough kitchen to cook and store all the food items? Is it easier to get food delivered from a restaurant? If so, what about your rear driveway? Is there enough space for a food truck to back up? Do you know how to make decors, or how to import from China to Australia? Because simple party decors such as colourful garlands, pretty paper flowers, cupcake wrappers, confetti etc. are inexpensive and can be sourced through free shipping from China.

Catering to the numbers

If you are having an in-house celebration it is very important that you have a rough estimate on how many guests will attend the function. Do they have kids with them? Is the party a kid’s birthday or something similar? If so there will have to be decors and party tricks accordingly. If you are having lots of kids over, be careful with things such as swimming pools, pet dogs etc. You might want to have a fence for the pool and lock the pets away. Also consider where to play the music from; it should be heard all through the venue, but cannot be an imposition on the neighbours.

Inviting guests

Some party venues provide you with the total package; food, decors, and even invitations. But if you are having a party at home, you will have to invite everyone yourself. Don’t worry about creating handmade cards or writing the name in calligraphy. Contact an import consultant or attend import seminars to learn how you can not only get a unique design done for your invitation cards, but also how all names can be pre-printed in it, when you are ordering them through an online service. Sourcing party supplies such as invitation cards, balloons and decors through online stores is much cheaper than buying from local stores. All your guests would want to do is to have lots of fun. So it is your responsibility to enable them to do it. First time or second, you might have complaints about one thing or the other; but do not be discouraged. You can take it as constructive criticism and ensure the next parties are perfect.